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Welcome to Natural Living Chiropractic

World-Class Chiropractor In Erie

Having treated Olympic athletes, NFL players, professional wrestlers and PGA golfers, Chiropractic Solutions might seem too “elite” for Erie chiropractic patients who just want relief from pain or a chance to live a healthier life. But nothing could be further from the truth! We love helping people from ALL walks of life get better and stay better!

Wellness Is a Lifestyle

Dr. Troy Zacherl explains, “Chiropractic is one component of a healthy lifestyle.
Exercise, proper nutrition and minimal exposure to toxins are additional components.
We educate our patients to help them understand the steps they can take to
lead healthier lives. We believe in empowering our patients.”

Experience Plus

For over a decade, Chiropractic Solutions has been the first choice
among Erie chiropractors. Offering state-of-the-art care to every
member of the family, as well as every type of athlete, is
our mission.

Call us today to see how chiropractic may be
able to help you.

Dr. Troy Zacherl
Chiropractic Solutions
Phone: (814) 825-1102
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