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Pediatric Chiropractic in Erie

person helping baby learn to walkThere’s a reason the fetal position provides extra comfort. Babies spend nine months curled up into a little ball inside the uterus before leaving the womb. Children’s bodies then spend years unwinding from the fetal position, as their long bones are still soft.

At Chiropractic Solutions, we help kids grow and achieve better health as their bodies straighten out and begin developing properly. By removing interference from the nervous system, we set them up to experience maximum wellness, without any physical challenges holding them back.

Infant Care: Wellness From Day One

During birth, a baby’s whole body squeezes through a small opening. The shoulders, collarbones, and back are often twisted and compressed, which can result in stress on the nerves. It’s always a good idea to have a newborn checked out to reduce any stresses and put the baby at ease, making it easier for little ones to sleep and nurse.

We teach moms stretches and activities to help infants’ bodies straighten out as they begin developing muscle tone and proper posture so they’re prepared to stand and walk as they grow. Removing any restrictions gives babies a better opportunity to develop proper coordination. Spinal care even spills over into heightened learning abilities and intellectual development as babies’ bodies and brains grow at their best.

Keeping Kids Active, Healthy, and Strong

Kids are constantly falling and bumping into things as they learn to crawl, walk, and run. Getting the spine checked at every stage makes sure they’re on the right track and recovering well from any injuries. We recommend bringing children in at major milestones so you can rest assured that they remain in peak health at every age.

As a dad of four avid wrestlers, Dr. Zacherl sees kids as young as 5 put their bodies through crazy positions on the mat. Student athletes need extra care to help them heal quickly from injury and continue achieving their goals in sports, school, and life.

Set Your Kids Up for Wellness Today

Better health care in childhood leads to better health for life. Book now.



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