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E-Stim Therapy in Erie

person with e-stim pads on neckOur E-stim therapy includes a broad range of electrostimulation techniques that use electrodes to gently introduce low amounts of voltage into the muscles, causing them to fire. This service can lead to a range of healing results, depending on the type of therapy used.

At Chiropractic Solutions, we use muscle stimulation to decrease swelling, improve circulation, relax muscle spasms, and decrease pain. This safe and effective approach leads to improved healing within soft tissues. We help your body perform at its best so you can finally put pain behind you.

Maximizing What Therapy Can Do for You

Many patients tell us they’ve received stimulation before, but never like we do it. Dr. Zacherl is precise in targeting your specific condition. He’ll often use a few different approaches in combination, implementing advanced techniques than other practitioners don’t know.

You might use one protocol to reduce swelling for 15 minutes before spending 10 minutes with a technique that reduces muscle spasms. For knee and shoulder injuries, we use dynamic muscle stimulation, guiding you through key movements while you receive stimulation. This movement-based approach is incredible at improving the functioning in affected joints.

Advanced Techniques for Healing

Dr. Zacherl invested a lot of time and travel in meeting up with the best doctors to learn advanced techniques one-on-one. He has decades of experience putting his knowledge into practice to see how each patient responds to care.

We don’t just hook you up, turn on the machine, and walk away. Dr. Zacherl understands just how much is possible through muscle stimulation, and he’s not content to get the bare minimum out of care. We apply the best methods to meet your needs so you can experience peak wellness quickly.

Choose a Better Experience of Healing Today

We’re committed to helping our patients get the most out of life through comprehensive, personalized care. Schedule your first appointment now. We can’t wait to start working with you toward a healthier future.



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