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Ultrasound Therapy in Erie

person getting ultrasound therapy on backAt Chiropractic Solutions, we offer the full spectrum of healing services and technologies to help you push past pain and take hold of all life has to offer. Our ultrasound therapy helps soft tissues heal through its application of heat to hard-to-reach areas. With a range of tools available to meet every individual need, we meet you where you are and set you up for maximum success.

Gentle Heat for Holistic Healing

Ultrasound works by delivering heat deep into affected tissues through sound waves. There isn’t a screen to look at during a session, since this isn’t a diagnostic tool. We’ll move a wandlike device over the affected area and let the sound waves gently work their way into your soft tissues, boosting circulation and wellness in areas of injury.

This service is comfortable, without any pain or discomfort. Many patients find their session relaxing and enjoy coming in for care. Best of all, we won’t keep you coming back into the office more than necessary or sign you up for a long program of care. Our powerful combination of techniques helps patients heal faster than they can in most chiropractic clinics, helping you spend your time on what you love instead of endless doctor visits.

Letting Wellness Do Its Work

During your first appointment, Dr. Zacherl will carefully assess your condition to determine which techniques are best for you. Along with chiropractic adjustments, we may recommend ultrasound if you have a soft tissue injury, like a sprain or strain. We generally use this service in combination with muscle stimulation, cupping, and Kinesio® Taping.

Since this therapy is most effective for deep-tissue injuries, we’re more likely to use laser therapy if you have a surface-level wound. We personalize care to every patient, since your body is different from everyone else’s.

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If you’ve experienced significant pain or injury, you need an advanced approach to healing. At Chiropractic Solutions, we care for both acute and chronic pain in patients of all ages and backgrounds, using a variety of effective therapies to help you reach your goals. Book today.



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