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Spinal Decompression in Erie

spine illustration on persons backSpinal decompression is a mechanical traction technique that decreases the pressure on a disc to relieve disc bulges or herniation. Disc issues often cause pain that radiates down an arm or leg. We use a specific placement and pull pattern for each patient to care for your discs and help you achieve better health.

Personalizing Our Protocol to You

The key to this technique is knowing how to position each patient so gravity works with the healing process and not against it. Pulling too hard may cause excess stress on the ligaments and muscles, increasing your symptoms. Inversion tables that turn you upside down often lead to overstretching.

Picture squeezing toothpaste out of the tube. If you apply a very precise amount of pressure, you can push out the amount you need, while the rest is sucked back into the tube. In the same way, spinal decompression is all about finding the precise positioning, pressure, pull time, and rest intervals to decrease the pressure on disc material without overstretching tissues.

Get Your Life Back in One Week

Without any arteries to supply them with blood, discs rely on surrounding fluid to reach them. Degenerated discs are dehydrated. When a disc becomes compressed, it resembles a dried-out sponge prone to cracking and breaking. As we open up disc space, we draw fluid in, making it softer and more pliable so it can bend and twist again.
Dr. Zacherl has one of the first Kennedy KDT tables in the country and has been doing decompression longer than anyone in his area. If you need this service, he’ll have you come in for a session on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and the following Monday. Within seven days, most patients experience a 50-90% improvement in pain and functioning.

We often decompress knees or ankles for meniscus tears and degeneration. This service can also help with knee problems and carpal tunnel in the wrist.

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It never gets old to watch patients who have been in pain for months doing their favorite activities again within a week. Book your visit now.



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