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Laser Therapy in Erie

person getting laser therapyPain and dysfunction often result from several overlapping causes. It’s no surprise, then, that it sometimes takes multiple modalities of natural health care to send them packing. In addition to effective adjustments, we offer laser therapy to help boost the health of patients’ muscles and soft tissues.

At Chiropractic Solutions, we use a combination of holistic services and state-of-the-art equipment to bring you powerful healing results even faster. We have two different lasers we can use on soft tissues to speed up the recovery process and revitalize your body at the cellular level, helping you experience incredible results and start embracing your passions again.

The Healing Benefits of Laser

It has become well known and widely publicized that light within a certain nanometer range can increase tissue healing. Cold lasers scatter, making them safe for use on any population. While they aren’t able to penetrate deep into tissue, we’ve seen them provide a lot of benefit to superficial injuries. For deeper injuries, we’ll use ultrasound therapy, which safely delivers heat beneath the skin.

Light therapy works by increasing energy within the cells and empowering them to function at their best. Healing ripples through your body from the inside out as your cells accomplish more, and local tissues regenerate.

Approaching Pain From Every Angle

We’ve invested in both a small handheld laser and a Dynatronix light therapy cluster, giving us a range of options to fit each individual’s needs. Most patients who receive this service use it in combination with chiropractic adjustments and other therapies, leading to a more holistic experience of wellness.

Dr. Zacherl primarily uses this service for wound healing, inflammation, and pain. This technique isn’t appropriate for large areas of tissue, like the glute muscle. We might recommend it if you’ve had a knee replacement or pain in the wrists, fingers, or feet.

Step Into the Light
of Healing Today

Our comprehensive approach to wellness results in less pain and more functioning for our patients. Schedule your consultation now so we can talk more about which services may be right for you.


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