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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Erie

pregnant person with hands on bellyOver and over again, women tell us they had easier births and shorter labors as a result of chiropractic. At Chiropractic Solutions, we care for moms and babies before and after birth, giving you and your little one the best beginning so you’re both ready to thrive together.

Expert Care for a Better Birth

Our prenatal care is extremely safe, as Dr. Zacherl has the proper training and uses appropriate, gentle techniques. He learned the Webster Technique from Dr. Webster himself, who had a great reputation for turning breech babies.

The Webster Technique has been shown to cut labor time in half and result in 80% fewer interventions during birth. This technique reduces tension in the ligaments that support the uterus. The number one cause of fetal distress and medical interventions during delivery is intrauterine constraint, where the baby doesn’t have enough space to turn and descend through the birth canal.

We care for the pelvis throughout pregnancy to make sure the baby has optimal space to move. This not only leads to greater ease of delivery, but also increases the mom’s comfort during every trimester. When your baby is positioned properly, you’re less likely to experience symptoms like back pain.

Supportive Care for Newborns and New Moms

After giving birth, we recommend bringing your baby in for a checkup whenever you’re ready, ideally within the first two weeks. We provide newborn care along with postpartum care to help mothers recover from birth.
Delivering a baby is a strenuous physical expenditure. Just like an athlete would receive care after a challenging event, a new mom deserves the same kind of follow-up to make sure she’s recovering well.

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There’s a lot of looseness in the body after pregnancy, putting you at risk of misalignment and injury. Moms don’t get a break, since they immediately start leaning over to nurse and hold the baby. We try to make that transition easier to take a load off your body so you can give the baby your best from day one. Family health care starts during pregnancy. Book now.



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